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Four Reasons Partnering with a Food Broker is Good for Business

Whether you’re just beginning to look into introducing a new food or beverage product to the grocery market or have been pitching your own wares to retailers for years, partnering with a food broker could have a dramatic, positive impact on your success.

“What exactly is a food broker?” you ask. Simply put, food brokers are independent sales and marketing agencies that work for food and beverage producers, helping them get their products into retail stores, independent wholesalers, chain grocers, and more.

Unlike distributors, who buy products, mark them up, and then resell them, food brokers usually receive a percentage of product sales as a commission. As such, their earnings depend on their efforts to get your products onto market shelves as well as to attract the attention of shoppers through effective in-store merchandising.

Food Broker

It’s a classic win-win arrangement with many mutual benefits. Consider these four that we think are the biggest reasons partnering with a food broker will be good for any food or beverage manufacturer’s business.

  1. Food Brokers Save Manufacturers Money

Sure, you could hire full-time sales and merchandising staff to help you take a new product to market or expand into new territories. However, doing so requires you to invest cash flow into salaries and benefits for those employees. If you choose to work with a food broker instead, you have all the benefits of keeping sales professionals and merchandisers on staff without the cost.

  1. Food Brokers Save Manufacturers Time

The food and beverage market is enormous—and crowded. Experts expect it to reach a value of nearly $9.4 trillion by 2022. With an ever-increasing number of products available to retailers, manufacturers can spend months or even years trying to secure valuable space on grocery store shelves.

Fortunately, when you work with a food broker, you eliminate the need to develop those relationships on your own. At FreshSource, for example, we’ve already cultivated relationships with major retailers throughout Northern California and the Pacific Northwest. We’d be thrilled to offer you a free product consultation to assess your prospects.

  1. Food Brokers are Market Experts

Over years of working in various markets with numerous vendors, food brokers develop expertise in recognizing which products are likely to sell best in any given location. Instead of seeking out shelf space in dozens of retailers and hoping for the best, manufacturers who partner with food brokers can target their products to specific accounts that are likely to generate the best sales.

Additionally, when you’re ready to expand the sale of your product into new territories or even into the international market, a food broker can supply you with the data and resources you need to avoid issues with compliance and navigate other complexities.

  1. Food Brokers are Planning Experts

Getting your products onto market shelves does not guarantee success, as many now-defunct small food and beverage manufacturers can attest. If you want your business to thrive long-term, you need to envision the future and ensure your sales are growing steadily enough to get you there.

Food brokers are experts at crunching the numbers necessary for these types of calculations. How much are you earning from each of your retail accounts? Your food broker can tell you. How many more accounts do you need to secure to meet your goals? Again, your food broker will know the answer to this and many other vital questions. All you have to do is ask.

Why You Should Give your Home Floors a Viny Finish

A vinyl flooring option is a reasonably new flooring method used mostly in institutional and commercial areas. It is a typically resilient type that uses vinyl in place of linoleum, PVC and more. Vinyl was derived from polyvinyl chloride products from the 1980s. vinyl come into forms; floor tile and sheet flooring. Both are applied to the sub-floor using vinyl adhesive or tile mastic. In commercial uses, tiles are buffed or waxed.

The first thing people see when they visit your home is on the floor. It is therefore recommended that you use the best floor that is beautiful and attractive in the same vibe that is within your budget and lasts longer. This is what you get when you use vinyl on your floor. You feel inside and uplifts the whole state of the house.

Inlaid and printed tiles are the two common types of the vinyl flooring system. Comparing the two flooring systems, you will find printed tiles cheaper and less durable whereas inlaid types are more expensive and last longer. There are two ways in which you can install vinyl flooring tiles. First, vinyl sheets, which come in different measurements between 6 to 12 varied widths in rolls and cuts to desired measurements. Vinyl tiles come in dimensions of between 12 to 18 square inches. They come with the self-adhesive component so it is easier to install compared to vinyl sheets.

Why vinyl flooring system?

In the past couple of decades, vinyl flooring has gained popularity and has found its uses both commercially and domestic use. According to lemonade reviews, people fancy vinyl flooring because of the following reasons:

Durability – vinyl floors are very durable and can withstand even high traffic for long without damages. This is why vinyl flooring is ideal for use in commercial premises where high traffic is expected. If you install a vinyl flooring system well, you can expect to last no less than 20 years. As a matter of fact, manufactures of vinyl flooring systems offer a warranty of 15 years which speaks so much about how durable they can be.

Cost – viny being durable does not make it expensive. It is inexpensive making it the alternative method of flooring and a substitute to conventional flooring systems. Because of its material which is vinyl, it is cheaper compared to wooden, concrete or stone tiles.

Maintenance – its durability brings down the cost of maintenance to nearly zero. They are tough to high traffic and require little attention once installed. It is easier to clean using mechanical buffing and chemical strippers. They are dust-free and can handle humid areas without a problem. In the case of damaged tiles, you can easily remove and replace with a new one. Only remember to install the right way so that they can be easily removed when damaged.

Range of variants – vinyl sheets or tiles is available in a wide range of designs and styles. Some mimicking wooden or concrete tiles so you can’t even notice the difference unless you take a close up look. Their colors also range widely, so you have the option to choose the colors you love.