Benefits of an Intake Air Heater

Benefits of an Intake Air Heater

Air intake heaters, also known as grid and manifold heaters provide cold-weather starting assistance without driver intervention. Heating the intake air is not only good for the environment but it can also be quite cost-effective. Air intake heaters reduce cold emissions, engine wear, battery consumption, and fuel consumption as well as improve overall performance.

Engine Performance

An intake air heater can improve the combustion process. This can result in added torque, brake power, and the efficiency of the engine improving. Less cranking time also means an extended battery life. The heating of the intake air helps to decrease engine warm-up times, improving fuel economy and consumption, as well as increases brake thermal efficiency.


Low intake air temperature leads to inadequate compression temperature in effect increasing the emission delay. The longer time between the injection of the fuel to ignition as well as several incomplete combustions or high-pressure spikes due to abrupt mixture in the cylinders can cause many problems. These factors can lead to the engine knocking, increase in hydrocarbons causing a severe loading of the environment. Air intake heaters also reduce the need for harmful starting fluids. Easy vaporization and better mixing of air and fuel occur due to warm-up of inlet air, which causes lower CO emission.

Engine Wear

Even combustion that an intake air heater can provide can make a huge difference in how well your engine functions. Uniform combustion occurs due to the pre-heating of inlet air, resulting in lower engine noise. The starter assembly can also fail due to wear and tear as the internal windings of the motor can deteriorate over time from constant cold starts. Pre-heated air help prevent this detrimental deterioration

Modern diesel engines are starting to utilize a reduced compression ratio that provides optimum efficiency. Unfortunately, this worsens the cold start problem and increases the chance of producing white smoke. Intake air heaters are a great way to bridge the gap of startup times as well as improve overall performance